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Clever Cat Publishing, LLC

A Subsidiary of Jasper Sinclaire Media Publishing Group, Inc.

“Don’t Self Publish your Children’s books”


Would you like to have your children’s books published?

This is your opportunity to have your very own children’s book(s) published for half of the cost of self publishing.  Our boutique publishing company is not a self publisher.   We specialize only in children’s books.  These books are published through our own printing house, marketing company, and distribution company which is throughout the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom.

We are a new boutique publishing house that believes in the author’s interest by sharing the publishing costs.   We have our own in house illustrators, animators, editors, and literary staff that will guide you through the complete book publishing process in a matter of months.  We will keep working with you, the author, even after your books have been sold through the distribution process.

To learn more about having representation for your children’s books, or to be published through our publishing house for half the cost, please inquire to the  e-mail addresses below:


Robert Huntclevercat
Clever Cat Publishing, LLC
Jasper Sinclaire Media Publishing Group, Inc

(559) 380-7853


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